Zingzillas CD review

CD’s for children, so they tire them out? Do they even listen to them? We all know the benefits of music, is the reality different? Sally Thompson reviews the ZingZillas latest CD.

I have 6 children and to be honest none of them (especially the eldest) when they were younger have never really been interested in children’s CDs even the tapes/ CDs you get with books. We could not seem to get them to listen to them, well tell a lie, apart from High School Musical and Camp Rock.

So when I was given the Zingzillas album to try I did not hold up much hope of my youngest 2 children (who are 3 years and 18 mths old) to even being interested in it.

They have watched Zingzillas on the television before, come on any one with young children have Cbeebies on from the minute they get up till 7.00 when it is bedtime… don’t you? ;)

So when I showed it to them they did know who they were. The album has 26 songs altogether which I thought was pretty good. I put the cd on and the first track is the Zingzillas theme tune. Well their faces! The youngest ran back in the living room to look at the television most probably thinking it was on there :) .

They love it – running around and dancing to the songs it did put them both in a some what of a hyper mood. Don’t think I will be changing to this album when it comes to getting my youngest off to sleep.

It is a great album I must admit there are a few songs on there that even I like :) .

It would be really good for a toddlers party especially if they are a Zingzilla fan.

Sally T

If you want to exhaust the kids, you can get the ZingZilla’s CD on Amazon

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1134202412 Morag Gaherty

    Ah, my two have never been interested in kiddie music, even though they used to love it on the TV (I think a working screen is essential to their interest in anything!). Instead, I raised them on 80s pop and Shania Twain, bad Mummy that I am. On the day Bob started school, his teacher asked if he knew any music and I said “You mean, apart from Shania Twain?” I think she meant nursery rhymes, but we never did any of those.

    I imagine you are right, that the Zingzilla CD would be great for a kiddy party. They could all dance themselves into exhaustion. :)

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