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powers and be subject to the same restrictions for carrying water
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patient has given birth to a well developed full time female infant
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of London as the subjects of the Preliminary.Scientitic Ex
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he was always telling us that whatever is is wrong but had
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One of the tables accompanying the report showed that agricultural
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movement to be l 4 feet per minute consequently a greater
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pancreatic diabetes. Being unable then to subject my
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excites. It has also been suggested that the excess of serum
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and when the protrusion of a polypoid growth into the urethra
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the sewers self cleansing. Ihe discussion seemed to show
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ings. This was the result he had been driven to by more
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of external appearances and the rest of the book is taken up
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Tlie examinations for these licences are held in the week fol
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general cases and this would be especially objectionable in
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fession do among every class and seeing as they do the
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moves with and at other times against the flow of sewage.
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accordance with the laws of Nature. Certainly the plan has
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werf di af and dumb. All this does not militate against the
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shire who consulted mo on several occasions. He seems to
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bellar titubation and a hundred other points are not only
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gressive compound titles of Surgeon Lieutenant Surgeon
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overcome the dilliculties involved and would unite with
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thanks was accoi ded to the retiring President Mr. lies.
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outdoor life for life in the colonies as farmers horse
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and not a knowledge of moral right and wrong. Now Sir I
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Sib It Is evident that Mr. Towers Smith did riofc read tojr
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haemorrhages and pain. Seven of the cases have had no
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The chief object of Mr. Greig Smith in his address is to
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were in their day as high authorities as Lord Coleridge or
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hitherto reported doubt has been expressed by some as to the
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the start restores to health and builds up the wasted and dis
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liad had two free bowel motions and seemed rather better nut collapsed
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