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Chinese Medicines a New Field for the Pharmacologist.
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assembled in its own seat of residence and is constituted
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from five rabbits. Two of them were killed eleven days
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of the General Medical Council in regard to these ifubjects
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tenable for three years open to M.B.s of not more than three years
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Suppose that we are consulted about the marriage of a child
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linings an advantage in cleaning the interior of bags whilst
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to unsuccessful candidates and is payable to Mr. James
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rigorous enforcement of the ordinances relating to stray dogs
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not sick thus showing a net increase of 8 377 in the total
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stantly present in the soil but to repeated sowings of that
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ment is sure to cause hardship and even injustice to indi
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example the numbers day by day of cases were as follows
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qualities it would be understood that he speaking as one of
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not concern itself to jjartioularise the treatment of the sick
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thyroid. The products of the thyroid gland pass directly
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Winter OOFELAND On August 22nd at Littlemorc Parish Church b
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rendered the best part of their working day not with any
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in the estimation of his professional brethren. The list of his
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inquiry not only into London but into the education of
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blood are two widely different kinds of aniemia. The
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of miero organisuis contained in dough. Witli regard to
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society permit of the erection of separate buildings for their
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characteristics according to the medium and way in which
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for treatment by drugs. I do not say that we have not had
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the inspection of hospital lt te given every year in each hos
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fever in the districts of Sheldon and East Thickley. Durin
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don exhibited New Preparations made in accordance with
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Me. Eenest Haet said that he had been asked to attend the
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were kindly given by Colonel Methuen and the officers of
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inauguration of which was reported in the JorasAL August

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