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that city where he was in charge during the terrilile out
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all the offices for country members particularly showing that
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method is the surer one whilst the bacteriologist considers
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nose with a view to removing some polypi which were
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deliver what is euphoniously termed a presidential address.
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and night. The ward also lacked the look of finish that we
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necessity in every branch of the public service but the true
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surgery to the parts we have to treat have been further deve
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the bacillus is present in both though less abundant usually
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Mr. Gathorne Hardy s Bill incorporated most of my sueges
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observing in that case any of the precautionary measures
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is and has for some time been strong and i uiet. In the
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Thirteen gentlemen were referred in botli subjects. 9 in Anatomy
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present treatment and nursing of the sick poor in the
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names one is reminded by every movement that one must spare one
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their brain power or by yielding to this or that self
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practical instruction in Physiology and in Materia Medica
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the same to their respective secretaries. Members of the
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master. There is no method of education in handiwork
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advised that any of the antiseptics in ordinary use would
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in their vigour as the late fiords Colexidge. Bvaniwell and
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We the undersigned attended at this institution at the
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lesions. In respect to pulmonary stenosis where the isch
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common state of things in thousands of tenement and. in
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increased expenditure not to speak of the misfortune of
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the effect of the decision it may be expected that when the
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the impropriety of this bulloonery at the cost of the all too
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The following statements out of the report will serve to show
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manifestations. The term lupus may be presented just as
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It will be gathered from the statement of the President of
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duties and public relations of the medical officers of health
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diplococcus or short bacillus. The size varies very con
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a man who knows little of the matter he treats. In this
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demcanotu and liable to a penalty not exceeding 50.
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he appears as if intoxicated by alcohol. His gaze rests on
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with hypophosphites of lime soda and iron in approved
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Brigadier Surgeon Sir C. Stewart and in the Central Indian campaign of
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trustworthy information in future before making such wholly inaccu
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those of the Matriculation Examination of the University of
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concerned 10 000 London children and from every point of
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sane when their opinion may be mo.st positive that he is
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were good they were practically impotent. In that case they
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All science is cosmopolitan and medical science perhaps
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render them fearful for the rest of their lives. Such people
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Charities Committee and that a grant of 10be made towards
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good deal beyond the mere fart that the persons named in
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from the serum of the liorse. The material used is an anti
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were candidates on July 24th for the post of surgeon to the
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caused by other organisms as streptococci staphylococci
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man and Catholic among the lot. Redress had been refused on the
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half of the Central Committee thanked the subscribeis
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So that his experience of the relative frequency of the different causes
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microscopical examination Therapeutics. Mental J iseases
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departure in the history of the medical profession in India
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to get them under control but how could that be done unless
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They protected their eyes with coloured glasses. Some men
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or attempting to prepare an address worthy of the occasion.
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and he was very anxious to know how the proposed measure
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It has often been remarked how little Englishmen know
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guarantee over the premises. If this man is never there
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tically impossible to present it in the form of a committee
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production of sleep. And yet. perhaps not altogether un
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parisons with Leicester and to select parti lt ular towns at
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leisure in working trim. For those reasons and many others
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s crpleKenem. Avo A hypnotics as much as possible use food.stimu
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large clots apparently of recent origin were found on tlie
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the editorial department. The proportion of the total ofBce
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pulse frequency nor is it markedly dicrotous. The force of
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another and why is the average duration of life so much
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above the patella was obliterated and the whole of the synovial mem
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the Provincial Assembly where he distinguished himself as
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addition of guaiacol. Further he suggested that during
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tically impossible. Apart from the intentions of tlie office
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Altogether 3 92G cases of defects of development were ob
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increase is. however apparently due to diagnosis and more
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