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from pei son to person can absolutely be checked by proper sanitary
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Corporation was and the power it liad acquired and what
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largely with whooping cougli. What then is to be done
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properly made and that the traps are sufficient and efficient.
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Dr. Doyue had been before the Council at the last meeting.
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Licentiates of a College of Surgepns who have also a Certi
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was formed distinguished anatomically from the true tuboovarian cyst
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of the Tees was infected by typhoid bacilli derived from a
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weeks. This would interfere with any scholastic business
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more could possibly be done by the police authorities and
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of progress the friends of development. They were some
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and reduction. Of course it is impossible for an author to
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December 9th. Suprapubic cystotomy was performed in the
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standing apart from but near to the main building. There
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ing its expense besides having to pay extra fees for repeated
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Diseases of Women are appointed for three months in Octo
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The document was widely circulated and acted upon and
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ifrW t O le has thought that in the strictures which we have
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himself to stay a year. No apology is made for not answer
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but he was sure they would allow him to make an exception
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clearly marked off from the healthy tissues and separation
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like the Greek slaves of old conscious of their power. They
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I have some hope that under the influence of these re
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treatment whicli is so often forced upon one. It is all very
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tion as distinguished from medical aid societies..Secondly your cor
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WALSINGHAM UNION Medical Offir er for the Raynham District
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canal there was no sickness nor constipation. On December 30th. 18m
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to the Chinese Maritime Customs service and issued by tlie
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be taken on awakening in the early morning. This often
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to which I shall refer veiy briefly. The mortality following
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whose education they can take an interest and pleasure but
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that he had found the method for prevention of orchitis
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