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March 4, 2012 in Mums tips

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Are We Nearly There Yet? by Ben Hatch is described as a family’s 8000 misguided mile car journey around Britain as they attempt to write a guide book. We asked Rosie C to give us her verdict, then snaffled a second copy to giveaway…

Rosie’s verdict

If I’m completely honest the thought of reading about a family road trip did little to excite me. The idea of doing it myself with our rather large blended family fills me with dread so much so that I’m pretty sure it made me reach for a cupcake (I needed it!!). So what did this book have to offer me, I wondered.

Ben and Dinah, along with their two children, Phoebe and Charlie set out on their tour of Britain in the hope of making some money from writing a guide book. What is most incredible is that the itinery that they had put in place hadn’t been looked over by either of them, meaning that at any given time they were oblivious as to where they would be the following week. Sometimes they would stay put for a couple of days although all too often they would move on somewhere new each day.

Within fifty pages you could almost smell the exhaustion and there were many occasions that I didn’t think they would finish their journey, instead abandoning their mission when Dinah couldn’t handle the uncertainty of not knowing when she would next encounter a washing machine! Yet in true British stiff upper lip style – not to mention not having a home to go back to as they had rented it out for the duration of the trip – they soldiered on.

Whilst it is certain before reading that the book will offer more than a geographical account of the family’s adventure, it’s upon reading that you are let into what is an incredibly sad and private time for the Hatch family. During the Hatch’s road trip Ben’s father is dying. Ben allows the reader to share some truly intimate moments as he prepares for his father’s death. Ben is with his father when he passes and describes the atmosphere in the room so well and with such emotion that you cannot help but cry – perhaps with relief as well as sadness – when the final moment arrives.

Reading how Ben rejoins his wife and children afterwards reminds us of how life really does just carry on. They finally finish their mammoth journey and return to their home town of Brighton just in time for Phoebe to start school and Charlie to start nursery.

I’ve come away with lots of nuggets of information to do with all the landmarks, area and attractions they visited. Yet the most valuable lessons that I’ve learnt through tears, laughter and often cringing will stay with me much longer. I cannot recall which safari park they visited or much about the pencil place (yes there really is a pencil place!), but I can tell you that trying to cut toddler’s fingernails in public will result in physical harm, Vauxhall Astras are deceptively roomy and that a toothbrush is no remedy for constipation – I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

I owe Ben Hatch an apology. I approached Are We Nearly There Yet? with disdain. Being someone that’s not at all into staycations or family happy campers, I was sure that this book wouldn’t be for me. I soon learned that the journey was the side story, with the Hatch family being the true main attraction. Whilst their journey around Britain has come to an end, I am in no doubt that it won’t be long before the Hatch family are unable to resist the calling for their next adventure.

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