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stration that sewer air caused a great mortality from typhoid

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ing from writers cramp or a sprained ankle or in cases

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anatomy. It was proposed to sweep away the Act of 1S gt 8

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Dr. Menzies has reason for belie nng that in the first place

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met in Oxford ostensibly for the purpose of hearing and

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summer of the next year otherwise an academical year must

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in stirring not to say startling times and one might be

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mittee in order that during the coming year further efforts

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would better serve to proihu e the longed for sleep and in

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in my hands if any method of treatment helps to cut short

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artificial respiration the unloading of the lungs was in no

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appear before the board at its next meeting From Hatfield

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officers and to these of superintendents on the other and

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rapidly as in the air. The bearing of these experiments

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effusion into its cavity so that the pabulum for tho growtli

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monkeys by the administration of various extracts made

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distinct axiom of the law that a reasonable notice must be given

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abscess diarrhoea and influenza were the chief components of the sick

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