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in Underwear Tennis and Cycling Shirts made in various
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it leads to the stultification of judicial trialx bi the sahser uent
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Pharmacy Act. Judging from the medicinal importance of
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sure was grave but was not apportioned to any particular
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The licence of the College was granted to 11 gentlemen of whom only
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but some of its late efi ects are recorded under Disease of
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a similar system of exclusive dealing held up in many
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General Medical Council or any person with their consent
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pital for many years he was Surgeon to the old East Norfolk
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make any permanent frothing unless some abnormal ingredient is
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conclusions are as follows C lilorosis is an exaggeration of a
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contract disease and the uncertain result of any surgical
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through such a training to visit the secretary at the above
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of alarming intensity I started with half this quantity that
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Cod liver Oil and Preparations the Augean fluid regis
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is we trust destined to assume a still higher and weightier
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a valuable fibre oil or drug or that it is poisonous. It would
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The British Medical Journal has not unnaturaUy something to sav
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price and we think that the writer s aims liave been fully
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children suffering from that sore throat which commonly
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patient. He alleges that the grafts were taken without his
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cedent to disquisitions which however deep must necessarily
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the preceding three weeks i4npw7.. d 79 at the end of
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who had been exposed to infection for three or four
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two Royal Colleges now co operate to hold a series of ex
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ahscess but may cause various forms of stomatitis notably
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present time he is equal to all his old activity both of mind
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complications and the sequelfe. We have already traced and
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tongue and draw the tonfrue well out of the mouth. They
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ABERDEEN ROYAi INFIRMARY. Oplithalmic Surgeon. Applications
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gether. He hoped by such legislation as seemed practicable
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principal.lijj. 1 oi the Central Health Bureau according to him should
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OlBcer of Health Worksop Notts writes I was called in
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open to competition during Session 18U4 9.1. the aggregate
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Is this right That the art of surgery is teachable there can
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The following case is of interest as bearing on the question
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States the best years of his life were spent in Montreal and
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and Midwifery and qualifies the holder to compete for
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at a standstill. The Western Mercunj states that the master
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tions to any members of the profession wlio may be more
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Election of Oncers. The following oflicers were elected
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plumbi subac pretty strong. This relieves the pain. It was over a
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the Conjoint Board given at page 471. The course at Queen
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students are instructed according to the Dissection
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ing way in which the villagers stated that one of the objects
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experienced in making a diagnosis would militate against the
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case had closure of schools any very marked effect on the
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all things concerned with the well being of the people n
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about 17G0 Mr. Justice Tracy directed the jury that an ac
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charged with having failed to give notice to the authorities that his wife
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Dr. SoMERViLLB Said coming from north of the Tweed he
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tion of Cholera by Water founded upon observations made
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the prevention and treatment of disease is absurd and it

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