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namely the last twenty years. For few persons perhaps

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cannot follow the line of argument laid down in his letter

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Malta Egypt or Cyprus or any Colonial station who lias about a similar

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only occurred 5 times in 3 X 0 cases of tubercle. The other

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lated in the epidemic of plague. Tlie old stock phrase to

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practise osteoclasis for curved tibi e comparatively few do

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water drinkers while there was 1 out of every 1. of the

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morphology and chemical histology of the wandering cells in

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popular among his professional brethren in Belgium.

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was ably introduced by Dr. James Swain. The following

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determines their character. It is a common thing to say that

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she the nurse is at the beck and call of the Association as

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Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton and Staffordshire General Ilospitil.

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Tlie subject has been carefully considered on a previous

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as to accumulate in the blood had the efl ect on wounds of

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receives interesting confirmation from the fact that in a

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very troublesome owing to the difficulty in ejecting the

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popular and that as tlie clamp in the treatment of the

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logically resembling Eberth s organism differed from it under

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op. n to all ladies whether taking a full medical curriculum

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maintenance. It must always be remembered however that

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veterinary practitioners wholesale dealers or makers or

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B 11. Kvternal ear defective in its parts size or form. Ab

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and numbers died close to their own homes of hunger and

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the sale of poisons or from the provisions of the Pharmacy

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will hold its fifth annual meeting this year at Lyons on

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for his courteous and able conduct in the chair during the

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coast. It is 96 miles from Exeter and is now accessible by

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a large circular furnace. In the wall of the furnace were four

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During the operation the child had to be turned on to the

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mined. Two factors appear to be at work 1 the influence of

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Corporation was and the power it liad acquired and what

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the pithologyof those diseases of animals that are trans

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