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were massed together with most unhealthy results and Dr.
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chlorosis described by many authors and inasmuch as no
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dent Assistant Surgeon at a salary of 100 per annum each
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observation were apt to be mislead by processes which while
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founded to mix with their fellows from other classes of
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place when a person is dying in another ward and the re
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Fabeck M.D. of the Madias Establishment has been sanctioned by the
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the Continent and in America they do not appear to have
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beds or by the side of the patients but these will be until
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known by them to be mentally dull. All grades of mental
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wrong the plan of having seirers which were entirely venti
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cognise their connections with various general morbid condi
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need for warmth in infancy. The old story of John Hunter
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n and both should be rendered sterile. Ue first freezes the skin with
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general standard. Xor can it be denied that in a large
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pearance in Europe at the Museum of the Pathological
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use of the elaborate instruments so much in vogue. He
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hope that the time was not far distant when the state would
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before Parliament had a permanent committee constantly in
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Wrist. As regards partial excision of the wrist I am glad
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Branch of the British Medical Association Honorary Secretary of the
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of any of the muscles. No other alt ection of the nervous or
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terms etc. apply to Mrs. Riddoeh Honorary Secretary 2
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Richardson of Bristol an eminent engineer. The investiga
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the Association calling for involuntary curative detention
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other. This is their only rivaliy a goodly and a wholesome
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that King s College will not accept this proviso so that this
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treatment of him he will not refuse to continue in attendance. C. only
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This table shows and the microscopic preparations of the
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gen is constructed to be used liy the electrical current from
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parations are stated to contain not only the soluble and
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ological observations. The bacilli are mostly confined to
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the Times give the greatest satisfaction to all who are familiar
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therefore indicate their individual value as medicines. They
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Hospital S.E. For a continuation of an investigation upon
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law should be passed ensuring the issue of only such milk
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and its ever varj ing constituents it is time that it should be
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De. Bu lings began by stating that owing to the want of
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to be eliminated How does Nature attemnt to get rid of it r
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After making that glad admission it still remains my duty to
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based on the supposition that we were dealing with a waning
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from the damnosa hereditas of nervous instability and
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cavity the use of an intrauterine tampon of iodised phenol
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annum with apartments board and attendance. Applications and
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If he have not passed previously to the professional exami
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have been ijxnorant or forgetful of the Ucstion which had
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right direction and cannot fail to reeult in a great educa
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men case of obesity treated by diet only nobody questions

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