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ments. Clinical Instruction in Midwifery and the Diseases of
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aranged along two sides of the room together with all the
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and the pains and perils of childbirth. Here the danger is to
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irregularity. Formerly the Infirmary Committee took stock
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ally getting worse. Purgatives instead of relieving liad rather
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births aud 3 051 deaths were registered during the week ending Saturday
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this objection the Cremation Society have drawn up a code
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tific value and punctuality of issue of these reports. Of
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into the morbid anatomy of sarcomatous growths affecting
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tion and occupation and in a still more concrete application
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long as this state of alVairs was perpetuated the asylum ser
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too much work yet they broke down and bid fair to become
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ingly readmitted into tlic liospital and upon again exploring
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his most seriously intended flights. His imagination was
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test of local sanitation that I think it is quite time we began
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planted in the individual. In both it is of great importance
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months satisfactory service. Applications to Lieutenant Colonel S
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sociation was made on the ground that tlie Parliamentary
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for keeping his patient in good health as he has under the
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disease. It is not so. It is a mere generic term applicable
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tion or become pyiemic after the opening of an abscess.
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were found in the empyema cases. There was no reason to
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PaoPESsoa von Pettbnkopeb has resigned the Chair of
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it might be submitted by these that all factory surgeons are
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the governors to accept the recommendations in that report.
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the jury more freedom of action than they possess under the
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Lobular pneumonia or capillary bronchitis has especial
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detect the erroneous practice of our predecessors so may our
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extremest suspicion and dislike. Whether practised by man
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Communications for the CnnRENT Week s Jocrnai sHonLD beach
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such a person is itself the exciting cause of the insanity. As
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The Treasurer said he was of course prepared to meet and
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documents certified as correct either by a consul of the Prin

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