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sional capacity. This difference though at first sight unfair

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education in the Pacific States. A great deal of the time of

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with the growth of social stress in civilisation is clearly

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cine. Under him studied the late Staif Surgeon General K.

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Government however that there was no intention of making any change

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fungi and some of forest trees such as the beech and pine

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strong boy was admitted into the isolated diphtheria hos

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emphatic admission of the secretary to this institution that no wage

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his subject he referred to the works of Lord Kelvin and to the

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while saving no little trouble of measurement cleansing etc.

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one of the signs of the physical stigmata of degeneration

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pulpy degeneration and six weeks later it was found to need excision.

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small pox are going about at all times in our large towns

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and sewer air is mostly higher than the outer air. Last

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for Diseases of Women and Children the Fever Hospital tlie

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A table showing the relation between mortality and over

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important report to which we made reference in our report

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covered bearing the following inscription A Francesco

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knowledge or consent while he was under the infiueuce of

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