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Andrew Clark is in preparation. Tlie book cannot fail to be

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treated in a room over his father s shop and when the nature

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favourable conditions reduce all to one uniform rate that

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from diarrhica 2from diphtheria and 4 from measles Three fatal cases

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infirmary on both floors there are two bathrooms on each

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the foregoing suggestions it would be well to take into consideration the

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Oswald of Gartnavel Asylum the patient having been an

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lieved in this change of type because men could bear

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was 111 in the private 2 132 in the pauper and in the

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which they were inaugurating or that they were founding

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in the preceding three weeks. The number of scarlet fever patients

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Victoria Dental Hospital at Manchester 12 12s. paid in

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Owens College Manchester E. A. Wraith Yorkshire College

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the chronic ailments of childhood our greatest remedy

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member in the House of Commons which we find in a recent

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that they could to help on the medical profession. He

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Vy decision of the various Examining Bodies gentlemen

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the people of Kurope are degenerating mentally morally

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Saturday August 18th he went to the Metropolitan Hos

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into the intestine ithout being dissolved are coated care

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E. i9i. The proficiency examination should include stretcher drill and

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excretory organs to do fully tlieir appointed work that

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can be illustrated and applied must be shown 6 one of the

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an abstract of them has been sent to the Bhitish AIedical

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mortem and suspected before death. In the lifth case Ibefieve

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widespread serous effusion infiltrates the periglandular

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poison have been brought forward from last year and must

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the introduction of air quite impossible and although Dr.

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primarily vaccinated the fact that they are not in a posi

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The removal of the growth was followed by complete relief to

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