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Ireland forebore to encourage voluntary committees thus
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cretins. 5 With the growth in the complexity and severity
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Governor are permitted to attend the practice of the
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so well known to evei ybody that I thought it might be of
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fident that the present barrack system called for inquirj.
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There are plenty of animals about the place and some of
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Xo disease appears to correspond with the local distribution
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clauses of the Medical Acts with the view of arming the law
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a competitive examination in the following groups of sub
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harmful but may be attended even with death. For if there
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logy of childhood. In the period of growth the processes of
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system becomes more and more elaborate. Now a distinc
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Dr. Slade Kixg Ilfracombe mentioned an instance bear
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ST. PETER S HOSPITAL Henrietta Street Covent Garden W.C House
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discovered subsequently to have suflTered from ear mischief
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fever but it is not good as frame forming food for the
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officer attached to the Customs service that returns of
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Walker of Worksop also sends us a report of which we
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Storrs Fry who had arranged to preside is the President of
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gery of the Koyal College of Surgeons in Ireland special
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two years instruction in a general hospital the fee for which
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short series of questions constituting the death certificate
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This School of Medicine is composed of lecturers licensed
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material taken from the liver and spleen of a mouse that had
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cashire and Cheshire Branch on this question. From the re
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the weak traps on house drains and pass into the houses.
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favour the view that polluted water supplies have caused it.
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ment were most frequently noticed and of these defects of
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and God be thanked they needed to build greater and even
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the further admission of any new cases afterwards occurring.
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Wing contains a i ining Room 51 feet by 39 feet and a

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