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old house. If there was any excess of pressure in the sewer
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stomach according to the course of the circulation. Hence
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the party proposed to deal still more drastically with the Coun
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rejiort cases of British cholera and choleraic diarrhoea in addition to the
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indifi erent to the self respect and perhaps even the good
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for the Workhouse and Infirmary of the St. George in the East
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January lat. Members of Branches are requested to pay
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restricted to 30 a day. The beds are always full and there
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successful lithotoinist and had a large experience in excision
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ployed in that country. Representations have been made by
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Surrey Dispensary and who complain of the way in which
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business managers make up the great bulk of the middle
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the city were c osed to plague patients halt of them were
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treatment for other diseases. However the cases of small
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already gained a high position the patient must know the
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plications and sequeUc which arose in so many eases and
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which had no local habitation except where pntrifiable air or
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of a series of charts and photographic slides illustrating the
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given to young surgeons. And it resolves itself into this
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To test this point I began to examine the n ine and en
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To get a nurse from the Association and then ask her to
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the local bodies many public functionaries of the city and
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bilicus. The operation was performed in the month of May
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and published in the Contemporary licrien for January 1874.
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drop and the patellar reflexes were completely lost. The
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the public generally. We cordially endorse the last para
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after being easily passed through a stricture and the urine drawn off

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