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and in 1871 the gold medal of the intemat was awarded to

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present devolves upon too many public authorities. I am not prepared

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the ease which it was the duty of our Commissioner to ascertain.

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which occupy the higher parts rise to a height of 70 feet

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ject matter of one or more sections of this somewhat complex

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Economic doctrinaires will be prepared to denounce the

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our towns lasting well into the eighteenth century was

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ences and that of all other such institutions in all the great

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girls seen in schools from 1892 to 1894 101 o6 boys and 51

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tice of the hosi ital is available for clinical instruction which

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sity of London and lor the Examinations for the fellowship

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was the leading surgeon in Canada and was known over the

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gained their livelihood. That was the position tlie medical

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education. Second IJntrance Scholarship value 20. Clarke

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In the opinion of a lady who has given most of her life

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MorrisoQian Lecturer on Insanity Royal College of Physicians Edin

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pared Microscopical Slides. 8 Zoology the Schedule will be that of the

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redness and for a short time at about the end of the first

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bers of pathogenic microbes or very small quantities of toxins

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therapeutic value of antitoxin locally but also oh account of

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house. It has been found by experience that nurses trained

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laws of illness the principles of infection and contagion the

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tion of the nucleus difference of coloration of the cells with

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chester contains a large population engaged in the cotton

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some quiet seaside place where golf can be got and wlierean

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Goodenoush s letter published In the Buitish Medical Journal oi

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Visits to Places of Intere t. J r. Hall then drove the party

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quested to send in te the office of the Secretary General St.

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triennial increments of 25 to 30U a year. Full details upon

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diate straightening of rickety deformities is a much more

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Resolved That the question be postponed to the Annual

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supposed that the fungi were attacking the roots it was now

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House Physician are selected from gentlemen who have ob

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