Treating babies with Craniosacral Therapy

Smiling baby

We all want the best for our babies

Having experienced Craniosacral Therapy (CST) herself, Faith explains why she chose to have the treatment applied to her newborn.

Like any new mum, I always want what’s best for my baby and having experienced Craniosacral Therapy (CST) first hand, I knew that this was going to be a great treatment for our baby girl, Edie, immediately post arrival.

Unfortunately, due to being in hospital with 3 days of labour followed by emergency C-section (not my lovely planned calm home water birth!) and then a week’s stay in hospital due to infection, I had to wait until she was 11 days old before she received any treatment.

Let’s face it; the majority of baby’s arrivals aren’t very calm and relaxing! Whether a natural delivery or C-section, their little bodies have quite a traumatic journey into the world and it’s no wonder that we can encounter problems with our little ones from the beginning. CST is a non-invasive treatment that treats the body in a holistic way and can relieve symptoms of feeding difficulties, colic and reflux and sleep disturbances. The therapist literally ‘listens through their hands’ to body’s subtle rhythms.

Edie’s first session was amazing. My therapist, Cathy, came to the house for her session. We drank tea and chatted first and it felt so nice and relaxed. She held Edie in her arms and with very gentle touch and movement released all the tension and trauma of the birth.

Cathy was smiling and talking the entire time and there was a strong connection between the two of them. The session was probably about 20 minutes in total. Edie was such a good girl throughout and really seemed happy, gurgling up at Cathy. She slept for ages afterwards and was very relaxed.

The second treatment was a week later. Again Cathy came to the house and did a session on Edie for about 15 minutes. Edie was a little cranky this time. I think due to the wind she had before the treatment, but once again afterwards she slept like an angel and the wind seemed to pass.

She has had one more treatment, which was at six and half months. She had cut her first two teeth and was a bit unsettled – time to call in Cathy again! This time the treatment involved some work in Edie’s mouth. She didn’t mind at all, and with gentle movement and working with her, Cathy released all the tension that Edie had in her mouth and gums, managing to relieve any discomfort that she was in.

I really believe that for Edie this was an excellent treatment. She is very happy in herself, hasn’t suffered at all with colic, sleep disturbance or feeding difficulties. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone, especially to those mum’s who may be wondering what’s out there left to try!