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ing register now bore upon the roll the names of 2 000
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of three clerks and the occasional kind assistance of several
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note on some of the results so far obtained has been pub
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the first Friday of the months of February May and No
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been critics alone and in almost every case the speaker has
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Resident House l hysician to St. Thomas s Hospital extension.
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for the energy with which their studies were prosecuted.
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In this connection it is interesting to note the duration of
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has shown that tl e pale thin and delicate children at
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that the progress we have of late made in the treatment of
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The committee was appointed and was reappointed and
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based upon the investigation made between 1889 and 1891 of
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one for a moment and then either by feature by voice or
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tailed to prevent the local condition becoming very serious and
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the Gloucestershire Branch Dr. P. Maury Deas of the South
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accordingly chloroform was given and the na vus excised.
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generally brought up in lumps or balls and presenting a
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able and these characteristics added to a wide knowledge
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he is. If Mr. Towers Smith could be persuaded to embark
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nature and value of the medical riualilications possessed by
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that met with in Houg Kong lately and that was that the
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right side into a partially prone position. The operation
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continued blocking of a pump and on Saturday afternoons
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ago when a law was passed making not only the vaccination
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membere on their arrival will at once proceed to the recep
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west coasts there are also many places which are justly
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Correspondents not answered arc requested to look to the Notices to
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Mechanical Dentistry under the instruction of a competent
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deputation will lay before the President the facts and argu
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its effects and the source of most pernicious demoralisation to men
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wai m thanks to his friend. Professor Schafer for the kind
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enough to be worthy of working along with Cecil and the
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pudty may be m re liable to o ccasional fouling than a source
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about three minutes ami the operation was accordingly
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of typhoid and diphtheria. A good water supply was brought
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use Medicated and Antiseptic Ointments in collapsible
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statement signed by the mother widow and brother of the deceased
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table and it is therefore scarcely possible to determine the
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for the nurseiy. The poor little things looked as if they
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in the Milroy Lectures bt fore the Royal College of Physicians
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every direction. Investigations into the intimate nature of
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to send in applications with not more than six testimonials. Nine
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expected considering the short time they had been at work.
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treatment with arsenic and iron rapid improvement resulted and when
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Guy s it would be exceedingly interesting to see the new
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about fifty a day. After a veiy short time the work became
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these instances is still undetermined. It is the extent
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were present which were sufficient of themselves to produce
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anasmia debility and lymphadenoma opens up a new line
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investigated the results of the operative work at the hospital
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petroleum oil combined with the hj pophosphites lime and
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and thorough and practical and his own and he must carry
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many years editor they were not widely known. He was the
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Setting aside for lack of time the difficult and vexed ques
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Medicine Hospital Practice with Clinical Medicine. Fifth Summer
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and sanitary..llicers on the track for finding out means by
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Amwica for example in my i ublin paper. Thus tlie lower
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the mental action and the functions of the body generally
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foss e. They are but little vascular consisting of a clear

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