The first year

January 28, 2012 in Latest, Mums tips


Nappy cake by Little Grasshopper

Faith H celebrates her first year as a mummy.

As I give my daughter her bottle and put her down to bed tonight, I find myself looking back over the last year.

She is fast approaching 1 and it is a real milestone birthday. Feelings of paranoia wash over me again, have I really been the best possible parent to her since she arrived last January?

She is a happy little soul, eats well, sleeps well and so I know I should be thankful, but in a funny way, as scared as I was of her when she was just a new-born, I guess it feels almost the same. I pack out my days with play dates and activities, and I thank god for my new found mummy friends. Where would I be without them? Our friendships have solidified over the last year; a bond we may never have known if it had not been our due dates so close to each other!

I try to remember what life was like before we had a baby; social, drunk, fun! Well, we have done some of that since she arrived so check that box. And as for the future, I just hope she loves me, heck, even likes me would be great. My love for her keeps getting stronger and I will do my absolute upmost to have the best relationship with her, give her guidance, encouragement and the confidence to enjoy life to the max!

Roll on the next 18 years! I love being a mummy!