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assistant. Surveying tlie work of the year he thought they
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but also the permanent advance of Medicine as a science and
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cleanliness 3i the freedom which the ihildren are allowed
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attempts at systole and tlie full bound of the organ when
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and of the centres for the special senses. Those who have
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therefore very satisfactory and pleasant to them also
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the need lias not become any the less but rather the more
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tion is eminently satisfactory. Its membership already
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Messrs. Ferris of Bristol a beautiful but complicated and
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and would favour the Committee with the suggestions for
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the tale of years of the healthy ones. During the con
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of Durham College of Medicine Newcastle on Tyne the
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poliomyelitis and myelomeningitis in the acute form the
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without assuming either the existence of a new element or
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different localities it should be said that no true comparison
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Montreal anvl aence the mention of a few cases which liave
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having as guests the Lord Bishop of Bangor the icHr of
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dilettanteism the philosophy of the make believe has no
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tial cause of the disease and accepts the opinion that by its
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of mitral stenosis retards the development of the tuberculous
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a more rapid movement of sewer air. We however also
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rounded with a clear band or space in the centre but the
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Newcastle The Umversitt of Durham College of Medicine Toes

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