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tions. These two cases were brought up the Rhine from Holland.
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law by the same Act that certain statements should be duly certified
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seaside lodgings would be obviated did lodging house
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whicli the candidate proposes to present himself for examina
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Museum Zoolo lt ioal Laboratoiy and Museum of Science and
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these three Scholarships will be Latin. French or German
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put on record which prove that the malady spreads from the
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results of experiments on animals. Among 30 rabbits
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in a variety of insidious ways not easy to follow or trace but
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members of small households there would be no excuse for
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future and that the man who never made a mistake probr
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thereof in all departments especially in the matter of the editorial and
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ment it could not secure the children in those schools
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regular tour through Switzerland and I see Americans who
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with the fatal progress of the disease which has already been
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form an essential part of a proper system of sewer ventila
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Secretaiy. The object of the deputation was to invite the
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the disease waned and disappeared at the same time as in
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castle had stated that he was desirous to fill the hirge
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from what we know of the pathology of insanity except I
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tended to hear the President s address the Mayor of Bristol
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point is insisted on namely the evil arising from th
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is the third P.raiuh which this distinguished officer has aided
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Charles Cameron had omitted. He had brought before them
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oi a diluted solution of the same au glycerine to the throat
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I alsley and Greenock. The 2 f deaths registered in Glasgow included
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or spelling which can be learned more or less by rote but
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on in sheds and other very unsuitable buildings and the
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ing on a more or less important scale in the Edmonton
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CAi i The regulations resemble those In the Argentine Republic
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