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have now been given by Lord Esher and Lords Justices Kay

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rise out of the manholes situated there. Again when a

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theless all must eat the cholera influence was quickly fanned

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mean temperature.. s to whether it is desirable or neces

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the workhouse have either failed to carry out their duties or else have

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consider any registered medical practitioner who shall sanctionthc

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To quote from the interim report of our Committee the

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important part at any rate in regard to the secondary in

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which the solitary walk is O substitute all mean clubs

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The Sanitas Company London exhibited a series of all

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is manifest from the fact that the trade exemptions specially

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carriages. The equipment consists of.Xt stretchers 2 000

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the disease break out within twenty four or forty eight

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student must act as a I ust mortem Clerk fur three months. A

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and compressible or again hard and full though but seldom

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opened itself and discharged very ftetid pus somewhere

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influences a chain of many links some of which are abso

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cleared by Professor Huxley who has written ably on the

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expiratory effort and the obstruction in the inspiration from

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occurrence of slight cases of infectious disease the nature

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introducing the finger into the bladder through the perineal

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festival and might dwindle down to a few booths owing to

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merits and demerits of special hospitals. Space fails us at

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The Second Professional Examination began ou Wednesday July ISth

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