Who Wants Apps? WeWantApps!

When I treated myself to an iPad a couple of months ago, I knew I wouldn’t have it all to myself, but I didn’t realise how much my 4 year old son would love it. He now refers to it as “my iPad” and, frankly, he’s right.

The only problem we’ve had so far has been finding the right apps for him. We’ve installed many that have turned out to be too easy (the educational ones) or too simple (the games) and he quickly gets bored. Others have proven to be more suitable for older kids, leaving him frustrated.

So when I was asked to review WeWantApps! I jumped at the chance. Released worldwide on 22nd August, it has been designed to recommend age-appropriate apps for young children (0-14 years old). With several categories to choose from, including Games, Education, Books and Learning for Life, it could make it so much easier for parents to find the right apps for their kids.

The first thing I noticed was the really user friendly interface. It’s very easy to select your search criteria: age, category (Education, Games, Books or Other), Language, Platform (iPhone, iPad or Universal) and Price (Free or Paid). Then you simply hit “Search” and within seconds the results are generated. My search for free iPad books in English, for the age range 4-5, provided an impressive 254 results. We are now the proud owners of Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham” (recommended age 4-6), “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (age 3-8) and “Toy Story Read-Along” (age 4-10).

As well as making it quick and easy to find the most suitable apps for your child, WeWantApps! lets you share your favourite apps with other parents and friends, and checking out the apps they love. The Daily App recommendation is handpicked by the WeWantApps! team and is a good way to discover new apps that you might not think to search for. Every single app has been reviewed by the WeWantApps! team, giving parents peace of mind that their iPhone or iPad is a safe place for their children to learn and have fun.

My son and I will definitely continue to use WeWantApps! I was getting fed up searching online for app recommendations, and the sheer volume of the results means I’m bound to find at least a few that appeal to my little one. He has just started school, so I’m pleased to have a simple way to find lots of educational apps to make learning fun.

The only improvement I can suggest to WeWantApps! is to allow parents to narrow their search further within the category, for example by searching for a keyword or topic (such as animals or nursery rhymes). However it’s still early days for this app, so I’m sure plenty of improvements are on the way…

For WeWantApps! updates, new features or surveys check out  www.wewantapps.com. You can also like WeWantApps! on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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The Fairy Princess Play Tent – a review

Wendy house from playhouses.co.uk

Last week we were sent the The Fairy Princess Play Tent from playhouses.co.uk to play with, which we gifted to one of JD’s best friends and then watched them play in for a joyful afternoon before the frost set in.

It’s an unusually spacious playhouse with durable canvas walls and a wooden frame held together with plastic joints and screws.

The whole thing was very simple to put together although the screws mean that when it’s up it’s up, which could pose a problem in a small house, especially since the frame is made from untreated wood so can’t be left in the rain.

The outside of the tent is beautifully decorated with pinks and purples, hearts and star motifs. It boasts windows and a door and is perfect for pretend play. JD’s friend M had a great time pretending to be a princess while JD took on the role of knight – it was easily big enough to accommodate two playful four year olds.

The  Fairy Princess Play Tent is suitable from age 1+, measures 146 x 172 x 120 cm and retails for £74.99

(Disclosure: The playhouse was given to us free of charge by playhouses.co.uk for the purposes of this review . Mums On The Blog reviews are written with total honesty and integrity at all times.)

Hungry? Innocent’s new recipe book hits the spot


Innocent has released a new recipe book that is aimed at all the family, so we tasked Maeve with trying it out with her grandson.

Cooking together

Pasta has always been a favourite in my house. My 3 year old grandson and I made a tomato sauce (p. 81) using the delicious homegrown tomatoes that he and I planted a few months ago.

I put the tomatoes into hot water and when they cooled my grandson peeled off the skins and we chopped them up and sieved them instead of using the tinned variety. We then followed the recipe, which was really easy to do and only took a few minutes.

After this, we made the Courgette and Lemon Pasta, which was again very easy to do, using vegetarian parmesan and basil straight from the garden. After adding the courgettes, we poured some of our tomato sauce over the top. That’s really all there was too it!

The results were delicious and he seemed to enjoy it all the more knowing he’d helped make it.

The verdict

I think this is a great book for families with young children. I love the short stories (especially The Remarkable Tale of Ned the Newt) as much as the ‘healthy, no-fuss recipes’. As a lecturer in Child Care and Education, I shall certainly be recommending it to my colleagues and the students.

(disclosure: this book was provided free of charge for review and reviewed with 100% honesty)

Fun in the garden (while the sun lasts) – a Giant Connect 4 review

What could be better than chilling out in the garden, making the best of the last of the sun? Playing Giant Connect 4 in the garden with an overexcited 3 year old? Guest daddy blogger, Mark, gives his verdict.

Giant Connect 4

J and I have been playing in the garden as much as possible lately, trying to make the most of the sun before it disappears for the year.

The Giant Connect 4 is a nice piece of kit – solid and fun to play with. J is too young to really understand the rules, but he did have fun putting the discs in. Once it was full, it was near impossible to get him to agree to emptying it so we could play again.

The discs are light, so J didn’t have any trouble there, and it’s about the right height for him.

The only problem we have is storage. Our garage is too far away from the house and although we live in a nice enough area, I’m still not sure the game wouldn’t disappear if left in the garden over night. There’s a netted bag to put the counters in, so we’ve packed them up and put it all the little shed at the bottom of the garden.

All in all though, a thumbs up from me and J. Now I have my eye on giant skittles :)

This is a guest post from Mark Leary, dad to JD and Miss J, wife to Emily. The product was provided for review. All Mums on the Blog bloggers review with honesty and integrity.