A Dad’s first blog – guest post from Simon Gold

April 2, 2011 in Latest, Life

At the time of writing, it’s a bright Saturday morning at the beginning of April 2011 and it’s 7.13am. My son Ethan, who will be four in May, has been [...]

In praise of stepmums

January 14, 2011 in Latest, Life, Mums tips

Image by -l.i.l.l.i.a.n- via Flickr When I left my previous relationship, I was determined that if I were to start a relationship with someone new, it would be someone with [...]

Frogs vs Ros Bif! Guest post from Debbie Robert

January 11, 2011 in Latest, Life

I have lived in France on two occasions now. The first time pre-motherhood continuing for eighteen month post motherhood. My son was 4.5kg at birth and continued to be a [...]

I love him, but I don’t like him…

December 15, 2010 in Latest, Life

My name is Julie and I’m a stepmum. I didn’t ask to be a stepmum, but I fell in love with a man with kids. 2 of them [kids, not [...]

Guest post – Part Time Mum? There’s no such thing…..

December 4, 2010 in Latest, Life

As I sat on the edge of the bath last weekend watching my husband’s daughter file her verucca while chatting about Cheryl Cole, I wondered what it must be like [...]

Following the Home Education Path

November 29, 2010 in Latest, Life, Mums tips, School

My two boys are aged 8 and 10 years and they have never been to school. When my husband and I chose to have children we always assumed they would [...]

93 texts a day…

November 4, 2010 in Latest, Life

According to a study by Nielson our teens send and receive on average 93 texts a day. Image via Wikipedia Where do they find the time? I know a lot [...]