Think you’re over your morning sickness? Think again…

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I was very sick in mid-pregnancy, that sickness that lasts all day and happens so often it bursts blood vessels in your face. Mine was so bad I thought I actually had food poisoning.

So when it started to wind down and I was able to start eating normally again, it was a joy to think I would soon put it behind me.

It never quite left me – but by the end of the second trimester I was down to once or twice a week instead of three of four times a day.

By the start of the third trimester, I was all bump and (virtually) no sickness – hurrah!

And then, as I entered the last six weeks, the sickness came back – with a vengeance!

For the last two or three weeks I’ve been sick every morning AT LEAST once and in the last few days I’m treated to the violent illness every evening too.

Mercifully, I’m absolutely fine during the day and can function normally at work.

So, with a checkup booked for later this week (I’m 37 weeks on Friday), I’ve done a bit of Googling. It seems to be pretty common and nothing to worry about provided it’s not accompanied by a sharp pain under the ribs and various other symptoms that can suggest pre-eclampsia. I don’t have any of those – this definitely feels hormonal – but I’ll of course be mentioning this to my midwife to be on the safe side.

So, were you sick during pregnancy? At the start? The middle? And the end? Morning? And night?

Come on – tell me it’s not just me!