Little Fashion Gallery to stock H&M/UNICEF’s ‘All for Children’ online

August 28, 2012 in Latest, Mums tips

Have you seen H&M’s super cute ‘All for Children’ Collection? We like it because it’s being launched in collaboration with UNICEF with a view to protecting children’s rights in cotton producing areas of Tamil Nadu, India. Little Fashion Gallery will the exclusive e-tailer of the range.

9 Ideas For Keeping Your Kids Busy While You Work

November 28, 2011 in Kids tips

Strike action this week for parents of school age kids and then there are the holidays. When you work at home, you sometimes have to work with kids underfoot. Here [...]

Too trusting for your own good?

November 19, 2010 in Latest, Life

This is nothing new, the wolves that lurk in sheep’s clothing have always been amongst us, the friendly colleague at work who you feel is ‘getting’ at you but you [...]

Hallowe’en – An Excuse For Petty Vandalism

November 12, 2010 in Latest, Life

Image via Wikipedia So, we’ve hopefully all survived Hallowe’en by now. It’s a strange tradition, because it isn’t British at all, but north American. However, as with all things American, [...]

Janna: Introduction

October 13, 2010 in Life

She was born 12 years ago on a chilly and dark night, premature and suffering from hypoxia due to partial placenta detachment. It was 3.15 am, 28 September, and soon [...]