Fun in the garden (while the sun lasts) – a Giant Connect 4 review

What could be better than chilling out in the garden, making the best of the last of the sun? Playing Giant Connect 4 in the garden with an overexcited 3 year old? Guest daddy blogger, Mark, gives his verdict.

Giant Connect 4

J and I have been playing in the garden as much as possible lately, trying to make the most of the sun before it disappears for the year.

The Giant Connect 4 is a nice piece of kit – solid and fun to play with. J is too young to really understand the rules, but he did have fun putting the discs in. Once it was full, it was near impossible to get him to agree to emptying it so we could play again.

The discs are light, so J didn’t have any trouble there, and it’s about the right height for him.

The only problem we have is storage. Our garage is too far away from the house and although we live in a nice enough area, I’m still not sure the game wouldn’t disappear if left in the garden over night. There’s a netted bag to put the counters in, so we’ve packed them up and put it all the little shed at the bottom of the garden.

All in all though, a thumbs up from me and J. Now I have my eye on giant skittles :)

This is a guest post from Mark Leary, dad to JD and Miss J, wife to Emily. The product was provided for review. All Mums on the Blog bloggers review with honesty and integrity.