What? I can’t have an epidural?

January 12, 2012 in Mums tips


One Born Every Minute has returned to Channel 4 and last night’s episode was all about pain. The lovely people at Netmums have invited bloggers to share their stories, so here’s Lauren L’s…

A dad’s birth story – 16th December, 2007

January 3, 2012 in Latest, Mums tips


“I think I called you a wild animal – but I meant it in the nicest possible way.” – after Faith H’s partner stepped up yesterday, today our newest Mum on the Blog, Claire Jeffreys introduces her partner’s story of their child’s birth.

Counting the kicks

September 19, 2011 in Baby tips, Latest, Mums tips


Kicking and squirming is such a comforting part of pregnancy, but what happens when you wake up one morning and the kicks won’t come? Emily H shares her experiences (and don’t worry, there’s a happy ending).


Hospital-land birth – Guest post from Morag

January 28, 2011 in Latest, Life, Mums tips


On Monday 4 December 2000, I had my second son Tom at Maidstone Hospital. His was not a planned hospital birth, as we had intended a home waterbirth, as I [...]