So explain to me really who the biggest loser is

I’m sure that I am not alone in wanting to have a post-Christmas health splurge, so in my quest to get my motivation well and truly going, I thought I’d watch the new television programme for losing weight.

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Initially I was so encouraged, not least – and yes this may be a bit unkind – seeing the contestants and thinking “I’m not as bad as that” (well I’m honest).  I was mortified seeing those people being exposed and not just physically.  What started out to me as a great concept turned into a rather degrading show and whilst I understand that the contestants volunteered for  the programme, I’m sure I cannot be alone in thinking how awful it was.  Surely there must be better was of doing this kind of show/programme.

To add further to the degradation, and I write this whilst watching, it seems that the pair (they are doing it in couples) that have lost the LEAST, percentage wise, risk being eliminated from the show.  Well that’s hardly encouraging is it.  I can see it now, as soon the unlucky couple leave, so will their incentive and willpower!  OK, it may not, but as is often the way with people who battle with weight issues, it can be very easy to succumb to old habits if/when faced with “failure”.  I use that word in inverted comma’s purposely, as it isn’t a failure at all, but in their minds, and being penalised for not having lost more, it would be so easy to view it as such.  As one of the contestants just said “I lost 11lbs and I’m probably going home” – how absurd is that? (I am watching the one broadcast on 10th January)

I had hoped for real inspiration for myself in this programme, having successfully lost weight before but, as is often the case, then having put it all back on and a little bit more on top, and although I may well follow the programme, it won’t be to see who “wins” (THEY ALL WIN surely?), I will watch it for the determination and commitment the people taking part will hopefully show.   I have a few stone to lose and have some health issues recently which mean that I will have to take any exercise very gently, but my heart goes out to those that whilst trying to improve their health and weight, will be tossed aside if they don’t do well enough.  Whoever thought this would be a good idea???  And it’s for a cash prize at the end of the series – well money can be a great motivator, but once spent, what will happen to the eventual winners I wonder…..  Is it me, or is this just a little bit bonkers?

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  • Morag Gaherty

    I agree completely – the programme makers ought to have spoken to weight loss experts first, to determine the least psychologically damaging way to format the show. But of course they didn’t, because this is really the old bread and circuses entertainment format, not a serious attempt to encourage people in achieving their goals.

    Equally, I find it odd that there’s another weight loss programme (someone trying to tell us something??!) called The Biggest Loser. I find that a very odd choice of phrase – you’re a loser if you don’t lose the most weight, but you’re also a loser if you win. Bizarre.

    And, as I commented on your facebook profile, the weight loss app Stop Snacking with Hovis is pretty poorly named – if nothing else, the presence of a comma might indicate that this is a pro-Hovis app, not an instruction to avoid them! Where are the copywriters these days??!

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