Snow snow snow

December 17, 2010 in Latest, Life

I think snow is like Marmite you either love it or hate it and I love it.   For some reason it just seems to bring the child out in me, I get all excited when I wake up knowing that there is snow outside, I run round to all my children’s rooms waking them up, shouting have you seen it outside.   My daughter, who is 13, I normally get some reaction like “yeah, cool, beanz” and lays back down, my eldest son well I get a grunt and no movement what so ever.  My 9 and 11 year old boys – they do get up and I do get a “wow” but normally they are only really interested in is will school be shut today.
What is wrong with young people these days lol…  So hope lays with my 3 year old and my 1 year old boys and yes there is excitment there and just seeing there little faces is such a joy and yes someone to play with :)
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I love listening to the radio to hear if the kid’s schools are closed and thinking “Please be shut, please be shut” but now we get text messages from the school telling us if it is closed or not (all very advanced) checking to see if there are problems on the trains so my husband can stay at home with us as well I love it all.
When it comes to wrapping them up to go outside, yes, I do go a bit other the top by the end of it they all look like Michelin men and yes it takes me longer to get them wrapped up to the time they spend outside but hey that’s all the fun of it. Well the look I got from my husband and daughter when I was getting ready,  all I was doing was putting carrier bags on my feet before I put my boots on it was like “oh yeah, she has totally lost it now”  but let me tell you my feet were roasting. I always remember as a child my mum telling me to do this, I was going to put them over my gloves as well to save my hands getting cold when I pick up the snow but thought better not :) come on bet there is quite a few people out there that do that lol, I will just have to change into one of the other goodness knows how many spare pairs of gloves I have as reserves over the radiator next to the spare hats and socks. I just look at it as we never get allot of snow in the south east and when we do just go out and enjoy it because give it a couple of days and it will be gone and the best bits are the joy on my little ones faces and there laughter over the most silly est things is just magical and it is just so pretty to look at and gives a real Christmas feeling…
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