Snack Ideas – much healthier than pre-packaged processed snacks

Detox hummous

Lauren Sexton from Lemon Squeezy shares her tips for healthy snacks.

The children come home from school starving. You’re unprepared. They end up with a chocolate biscuit or a slice of cake. And you join them.

They don’t need sugar after school (neither do you) but healthy snacks don’t have to be boring.

Here are some ideas.

Soup – a small mug of soup.

Smoothie – try the Lemon Squeezy Berrilicious smoothie.

Hummus – some hummus with crudités or a couple of oatcakes. Try our Homemade hummus recipe.

Seeds and fruit – a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds with some fresh fruit, or dried un-sulphured apricots or prunes.

Nuts and fruit – a small handful of unroasted, unsalted nuts – 4-5 pecans or brazils, or 8-10 almonds, cashews, or macadamias – plus fresh or dried un-sulphured apricots or prunes.

DIY popcorn – put a handful of popping corn into a saucepan with a dessertspoon of olive oil, cover and heat. Remove from the heat when popping has stopped (approx 3-5 minutes). Eat au natural or sprinkle with cinnamon.

Topped rice cakes – two rice or corn cakes topped with cottage cheese and grapes or strawberries.

Fruit – the best fruit to eat as a snack is a low GL one – berries, cherries, plums, apples, pears, apricots.

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