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death rate was with one exception lower than in any corresponding

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nurse in the main block has received hospital training the

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accompanied by a definite relative diminution of the ha gt mo

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SiE I do not dispute Mr. Towers Smith s dictum that tlie

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placed on retired pay. Surgcon Major General J. Davis recently ap

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sideration is what I would leave with you this afternoon

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he had been a little depressed by it. He thanked them sin

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lent Fund and a contribution of 5 5s. to the Royal Medical

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man living lawyer or layman who would say that this un

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Responding to a hurried message on the morning of the

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normally secreted by the kidneys and has studied under the

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Britisli qualification are working as doctors under the

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lease in the Strand for some sixty or eighty years or

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chlorosis enables us to give an absoluti ly complete explana

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five years grace and then aljolish them altogether the sug

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five. Both of these operations may be certified as vaccina

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appointed to whom the medical oflicers are expected to refer

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inmates principally from the town with a small sprinkling

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settlement a resettlement in w hich we may venture to

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or post mortem appearances left no doubt as to the correctness

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only osteoclasts I have ever used and there are one or two

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of ulcerated legs a man recovering from pneumonia some

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distance is affected or the great centre of tlie circulation the

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te.acher of surgeiy in the Bristol.Medical School should have

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