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Officer and Public Vaccinator for the Burnley District and Work

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sion ensued and the following resolution proposed by Mr.

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Medical Service of which the following are the salient points. His

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Scholarships will be on October 3rd and 4ih. 3. Two Scholar

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place. It was quite hopeless to think of tying the carotid

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that each Branch should return only one representative to the Parlia

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of the Royal College of Surgeons of England is required to

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Post mortem Organs healthy heart relaxed and its cavities

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Hospital Metropolitan Dispensary Miller Hospital and

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after that come diet and other conditions. I do think the

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impossible owing to the difficulties of local administration

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Library forming part of the College Koad buildings are

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to reform the present state of things. Here Sir let me

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the party proposed to deal still more drastically with the Coun

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his letter seems to aim at creating yet another imaginary

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day August 4th lias fallen I venture to suggest into a very

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had colds. Cod liver oil and flannels were needed for this

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bladder was particularly noted in the first case As the case

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