Single mum looking for Mr Right….

Before you ask, no I’m not looking for him actually, but I do have a tale or two of my search for the chap concerned.

Let me go back a bit – I’ve been divorced for 7 years nearly, have 2 children now aged 8 and 12 and I am single.  In the past 7 years I have had 2 relationships, a couple of flirtations and that’s about it.  Both of the relationships were by chance.  However, there have been times when I have tried pretty much every way, short of doing a car maintenance evening class, to see if I could find my “perfect man”.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking for a George Clooney look-a-like (though I wouldn’t say no!), nor a Mastermind winner. My tag line in return was “I’m no Kylie, but I’m not exactly Hilda Ogden either…”

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So where have those efforts got me?  Well my most recent “encounter” was a set up by my mate with a colleague of her husband.  Both single, we had a very particular interest in common – great I thought, something to talk about at least.   Well from the time of my friend first mentioning this chap to the evening that we finally met took over a year, for various reasons, but when after this time my friend’s Hubby said that his friend was still interested in meeting up, I thought “OK” – nothing to lose.  And so it was arranged that we would all meet up one Saturday evening after the guys had spent the day at the races. I spent the afternoon doing all the proper girl things – all the “just in case” things, if you get my drift – not that I’m like that I hasten to add!! Oh dear. LOL.

I went round to my friend’s house a couple of hours beforehand to have a natter and a catch up.  I decided that I would drive – that way if it was disastrous I could make my excuses…..

We all met up at about 6pm, ordered some food – one of those big platters of bits to share, so it was all nicely sociable.  He seemed a nice enough chap, friendly, smiley, not what I would call “my type” but then who is?? It was all going really well, I felt relaxed and we all had a laugh.  Then about an hour later, one of the worst things happened.


Now many of us will have been in the situation where we’ve said to a friend “call me at x o’clock so I can make my excuses if s/he’s really dull”.  I have got to be honest and say that I have never actually used the technique fortunately.

Well, there were polite “excuse me’s” and he disappeared to take the call, returning a few minutes later.  It seemed that he had to go to work.  There was a “situation”. He mouthed “sorry” across the table to me and I smiled in acknowledgement, knowing full well what was really going on. I was gutted! I felt embarrassed and a little humiliated that he had done this in the presence of friends. Still, better than doing it if it had been just the two of us I guess.  I stayed for 20 minutes and was then oh so thankful that my car was outside.  As I said my goodbyes to my friends, with the husband muttering that “he might get back”, I said that if he did, give him my number.

We all know by now that I never got a phone call. So, back to the Haagen Dasz and spoon for one for me…. ah well I don’t like sharing it anyway ;0)  And definitely no more blind dates, internet sites, clubbing, et al. Another friend used to say “There’s someone out there just right for you, he’s just hiding under a  rock at the moment”, well if he does ever creep out from his rock, I may just have to put him back under it and stamp in hard into the ground – he can stay there, thanks all the same :0)

Ice cream anyone???

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  • Morag

    I actually found my lovely man via a rather unusual manner, but I can suggest that if you are fed up of blind dates and dating sites and the like, the best thing to do is develop some interests that YOU like. I went Ceroc dancing for a few months, which was very easy and great fun. And as of 27 April, I’ve joined a small choir at our local theatre. There must be other things which you enjoy doing, where men are also available. Doesn’t mind if you find a man to date – you might just find some male friends.

  • Debbie

    As a teen I went on a date with someone I met in a club. Arranged to meet him at my local pub. Could barely remember what he looked like. Anyway. sat down and we had nothing to say. He blabbed on about the weather etc.. I then went to the bar. Saw a friend a chatted Eventually looked over to where my date was (must have been about 5mins) and he’d gone! The length of the date had been approx. 45mins. We’ve all had the date from hell and lived to tell the tale.

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