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in addition to large expenditure on scavenging and other necessary sani

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it is to be presumed that these points together with the

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disapprove the pi esent custom of burying the dead and

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report that the need for further vigilance was not absent.

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lection so that we were obliged to request from Dr. Phillips

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Diseases. Qi e Jledicil Stodenlsb p tenable for two constcu

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service April 1st 1867 and retired from it December 15th 1888.

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Resolved That the report of the Committee on Legislation

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been said perhaps not on good grounds that the general

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The author has never seen a strictly specific lesion in many

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make their beds wash the patient or superintend the wash

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twitchings of the facial muscles. Increased difficulty in

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tific knowledge and in legal experience. Mr. Pitt Lewis

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that is necessary is to pour in moi e warm water and remove

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wZ fi fv of these statistics shows that the increase

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oculating them with tlie products of lupus. These observa

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enlargement of the tubercle of the tibia could be observed

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