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I ought to add that my patient died through failure of the
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hemoglobin. This change in the blood of the healthy
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similar instruments are recommended. Chapter HI is devoted
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tween ruptured tubal gestation and so called tubal abortion the only
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form. The subject indeed on which at the invitation
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who could draw well but few are sufficiently gifted in this
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one rises from a study of their results with the idea that the
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p. 200 clearly suggests that a man is not criminally respon
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idleness and laziness of assistants reprobated and I am afraid
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men were soon afterwards exposed to great fatigue while the
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Scotland the Conjoint Examining Board of the Koyal Col
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one s hospital the midday meal must be taken asvay from
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The Recommendations contained in your Report are prac
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in construction and its drainage was in a dangerously un
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being lost or destroyed in the process. Dr. Shennan extracts
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