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further recommendations of compactness and promptitude

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modern asylums and our newest methods of treatment. We

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only say that the slight benefits observed render the drug

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Ogata and R. ilazumoto were tlie directors was established

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it would seem wise to emphasise its simplicity that all who

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succession and reside and board in the liospital free of

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Carroll who has held the post for a considerable number

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will ensure the extension boinc rrintcrl only t .on

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read the rule and make the inquiry and he wrote to the

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cession will be a gVeat boon. The Indian Medical Service is

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great swelling and lachrymation. It was felt immediately

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on the 17th and 18th menstruation was present and as this

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transferred or affiliated to that University. The University

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Paris and its Water Supply. Medical Aid for Deep Sea Fia ier

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mercury for obstetric and other purposes safer and more con

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common lodging houses. If the conference achieves this

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public think is the medical officer but he is not present here

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whole scheme of the structure of the cerebellar cortex is thus

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although perhaps not quite so open to criticism we are by no means

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