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good deal beyond the mere fart that the persons named in

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those who hold the diploma of Licentiate of the College and

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close that the air and light space is not adequate to the needs

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had been frequently called and there was no answer. The

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known by them to be mentally dull. All grades of mental

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tically began. In Dr. Blomfield s experience similar cases

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his year. 2 Sibbald Medical Scholarship of tlie annual value of 40

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examination. No candidate may offer himself for examina

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sion that he so unworthily represented. He had wished that

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Dr. Saundhy in a letter criticising Sir Andrew Clark s

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tonsil this had not disappeared but had not increased as

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for a less space of time. And subseriuently further detention of the

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bably within the experience of most medical men that a very

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portant matter was the proper disinfection of the excreta of

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as well as the disease. In the prodromal and early convulsive

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ordinary respiration. On August 13th there was distinct

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tions and testimonials to the Secretary by August 2tith.

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the reception and multiplication of the tubercle bacillus

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less to the varied experience of the speakers for this

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