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mical and bacteriological investigation and physical
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with the object of showing that the applicability of the word
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formed on.lune 30th 1892 gave complete relief and there
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it begins with small beginnings and multiplies it may be
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most literal sense there is no better instance Lord
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matter has been drunk with impunity for years. In the
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on application. Pepsines One grain of the Pepsin. Porei
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tions the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons or the
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we muf t all have seen cases in which tin parents have been
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pillows. There was no rise of temperature. In the beginning
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should be indiflereut to the worship of the god of the
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apply for medical aid without receiving parish pay. The
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thought at any rate it might go just one step further and
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more and more avoid those callings where this standard is
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experimentally the question of disinfection and states
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These were to the efleet first that medical men must look
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Pritchett University College London A. Read Guv s Hospital C
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this institution. Tlie candidates must be present at tlie meeting.
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Assi taut after examination to p rsons not les than IC years
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better to say the mental attitude of a sick person and
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the continuation up into the inguinal canal was quite narrow. On Janu
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matter of convenience for myself but to enable those of yon
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House Surgeon doubly qualitied. Salary. 0 per annum with
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of habitual drunkards loo bereft of will power to apply for re
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of his death the Faculty of Medicine was present in sreat
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tlie preceding two weeks furtlier rose to 1. gt.6 during the ivcek under
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is no bath room on the female side. In the house there is
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August 31st. It is satisfactory to leam that he has now
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chance were the issue to be decided by tossing up a shilling
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at the mercy of some rural body whose sole aim as a body
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testinal derangement so well described by Dr. Eustace
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insufficient for the feeble minded pauper attendants cannot
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small sum because many of the members of the Committee
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ployed in that country. Representations have been made by
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retfaee must be carried outside. There is no receiving ward.
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room as a receptacle for all rubbish and as a place where he
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every certificate which he sends in regular course.
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the case. The brightness of the surface worked upon was
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had to make long journeys to patients carrying a loaded re
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of penalties as aforesaid shall be paid to the rreasuier of Ihjp
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looking back on the last twenty years or more and seeing
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valuable addition to the other nienns of resuscitation which
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I LYMOUTH PUBLIC DISPENSARY. Physician s Assistant doubly
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ducted by the Treasury it followed that the quack was prac
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or equal to the death rate from all causes in England. In the
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patient sulTeriug from from frequent attack of migraine. The patient
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etlcct of alcoholic drinks in childhood. The younger the
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tliatj as with the Chamberland filter the filtrate was sterile
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two years instruction in a general hospital the fee for which
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nated. Our own columns have contained recently a series
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ber yih the Anatomy Rooms and Laboratory Courses on October
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Professor CorBeld. i Profeisor Walley Jfeaf Mpection.
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The incidence of the disease has become relatively much
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and 10 10s. Gmernl Hospital Lady Haberfield Entrance
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BilTs Committee it will facilitate matters. You will see it would reduce
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diabetes under present methods of treatment has but one
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a strange anomaly that the very authority whose duty it is
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paper which has already been published in the Medical Press ajtH
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De. Saundbt is to be congratulated both on the subject
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rather a heated discussion the ccurage and care with
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nodule or of difl use infiltration Inpu nodu uire and luinix en
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aged 50 was about to have two teeth extracted. Ten minims
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the second died on the fifteenth day January 9th 1894 the
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hint that more public attention and pressure might improve the big
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careful treatment are about 21 per thousand. They are more
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bridge have continued their researches on the wandering cells

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