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all of which were successful even beyond the wont of such
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hiU Stoke upon Trent. House Physician. Salary 100 per annum
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chief from the use of opium in India from our own recently
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through our cjuarantine 91 that is 25 per cent. were vacci
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for treatment which system although not in all respects
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upon in this institution. A book is kept in which all the
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Resolved That the report of the Committee on School
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missioners however still obstinately maintain a hostile
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in tlie Metropolitan Asylums Hospitals and in the London Fever
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epidemics in India it is futile for the Secretary of State for
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these huts and the soil is frequently very foul from the
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at the appearance and claims of its younger rival. Tempora
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Cheques and post office orders should be crossed and made
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and administration oi provincial workhouses and infirmaries which is
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fice. He ofl ered his congratulations to the members
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although he may fail to obtain a pass in the other subjects of
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More than j lt X years ago Guy de Chauliac the greatest of
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and pains and nervous symptoms predominated over all
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place and with any further extension of such exercise there
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Section of the British Medical Association at Bristol. It
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cially in warm weather. Ventilating shafts and pipes are

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