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varied assortment of flexible capsules attracted attention as
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question of the right of a registered practitioner to assume a
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by the University Court. The total minimum cost will
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came and he thought that to have to propose the toast of
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satisfy the country that a system under which Nurse Gillespie could
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The French Society of Dermatology and Syphiligraphy
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if necessary other buildings can be employed. The city has
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of uric acid and even if you cannot examine the blood a
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tracted. She was easily roused but almost momentarily
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sion for loss of liberty they decline to do to fall back on
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take p ace either on Monday afternoon or early on Tuesday
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Street Bloomsbury the National Hospital for the Paralysed
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and it never hardens nor cracks the skin. Used for gouty
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aged 3 were of average severity and were seen on the second
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training which will necessarily come into the inquiry. The
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etiology of the suppurative ear discharge of scarlet fever
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attractive exhibit of their well known preparations.
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symptoms and treatment of Epidemic Influenza. An im
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Brigade Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel W. F. Burnett who has been
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the disease it is this. Douching of the nostrils should be
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illnesses was discussed and Dr. Deschamps stated that he
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Council had a good advocate but he had an exceedingly had
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instruments the Eiderdon Rug and Ladies iolf Cloaks etc.
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College. Oxford. After taking his degree in the National

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