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return of escaped patients for power to guardians to detain

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former epidemic. But passing this by in the meantime let

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of district schools and in most cases the result has been

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for Middlesex Western Division in place of Dr. Wynn

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and to propose that Dr. Russell Reynolds be President for

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child was distressed and restless. Tracheotomy seemed im

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sion that he so unworthily represented. He had wished that

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gynecological operations. The large number of maternity

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the admission of women to certain Bursaries Scholarships

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tion. Ought he to adopt the new method a prior transfixion with a

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Sir James Patterson states that the Victorian opium has the

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he were determined and were loyal to the sense he seeks to

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RUTTLEDGE Victor J. MB. Facial Expression in the Insane illustrated

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