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lessness might be dangerous to the community at large. It

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nursing should be done by the probationers taking alternate

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joining under these circumstances. At some of the schools

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Another question too is worthy of consideration. If we erftnt that

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that injections of the serum of these immunised dogs could

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instruction. If on this foundation British surgery has

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requirements of candidates for diplomas in Public Health

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ur on the sensory side of the nervous system. Wilks long

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practised ovariotomy then a very fatal operation even in

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iible and its atmosphere in the mornings is described as very foul.

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of sanitary divisions attached to active as distinguished from

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city would not have suffered. England still requires the bitter expe

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to the term lupus by two English dermatologists Willan

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If then the art of surgery is to be perfectly taught it must

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anilk is best unsophisticated. Why infants should thrive on

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readers attention as showing the lengths to which prejudice

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forward their remittances to tlie General Secretary 429

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elapse between the attainment of a first registrable qualitici

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before this disease tliey did well in the country. This fact

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still puzzled to account for it but this was the only death

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attacks her in consequence it is as clear as anything can be

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The burden of ye.ars sits lightly upon mo as compared with the weight

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acid in their body who take least exercise and those retain

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botli be mucli below the average. But in fairly populous

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merely as an introduction to the subject of the adilress. be

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August 3rd. The Treatment of Tuberculous Disease of

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cure was now more obvious than ever. In the field of pre

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in Underwear Tennis and Cycling Shirts made in various

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the same to their respective secretaries. Members of the

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attached to the Wandsworth Postal District of London was

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the public generally. We cordially endorse the last para

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new patch on the soft palate at once disappeared and the

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belief that every mental abnormality is connected with some

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his care for the bodily and mental health of the individual.

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drainage was in a dangerously unhealthy state and that

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lums. As to the question of finance the expense would re

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course of a long attendance sends me a cheque and a grateful letter.

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am not sure that this dogmatism does not extend well up to

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for some time and six days before admission it became painful and

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Majesty to grant him a full pardon. Justice has been done

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Analysis proved the pollution of the Hamburg water and the

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cess was the experiment attended that within a fortnight the

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finding which when found is not a trustworthy criterion of

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