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before you by previous speakers and he endorsed what tliey
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Dalby as consultant to the Association we intended no slight
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On August 2ud and 3rd Mr. Hanbury questioned the Secretary of State
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peatedly applying for his discharge. On the morning in
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the secretaries of tlie Ceri ifying Factory Surgeons Associa
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court of law to the effect that a meilical man cannot bargain
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stated by Sir James Stephen. The rule in MacNaughten s
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of Maidstone by Dr. Francis Clark of Lowestoft and by Dr.
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as to the completely diphtheritic character of the external
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M 5decine states that the library of the Academy contains
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more or less every branch of the public service. Expcrientia
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could not be even partially straightened without his crying
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D0HING the week ending Saturday August 4th 813 births and 466 deaths
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poem containing the line He s only a pauper whom nobody
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upon various media agar gelatine potato and in streak
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The Second Professional Examination may be passed not
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compensate for their enormous mortality. The poorer a man
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granted after examination to persons at least 25 years of
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Superintendency of the joint Counties Asylum at Carmarthen. Wales has
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aurist and patient leaving the hands of the operator at
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burg. This city Altona which is close to it and Wands
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Consideration of the aerial distribution of small pox has
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lanee of putting the hospital in the most complete sanitary
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filter are accompanied by references to published documents
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Matliematics and also one of these optional subjects Greek
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also preceded the cirrhosis but less clo eiy. There are other
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journals. That was administered by a special committee of
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but I venture t i consider them of extreme importance with
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opening up to them every year. There is no necessity for
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inserted and there a sinus forrued. The knee became afTected with
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thoughts have wandered and some shadowy creation of his
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celebrated by the presentation to her of an illuminated
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breadth being about an inch. and general appearance de
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base of one vegetation and the inoculation of another
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The temperature was 99.2 respiration continued difficult
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Communications respecting Editorial matters should be addressed to the
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hand etc etc. with the name and qualifications of the local practi
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a conspicuous position amongst the larger towns for the

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