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duced by it in the pabulum in which it flourishes. The

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and punishment for concealment. Medical officers of troop and other

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which had really been the result of incipient brain disorder.

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appeared in the issue of that journal published on July stli. The

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He then turned to the attitude of consultants with regard

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where this was tried the treatment was followed by a cleaner

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distinction and without examination. They must be 40

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animal or a brute beast I Soon after this in consequence

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oljserved in from eight to fourteen days. The first case of

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Nubian reservoir constitutes ej se praiseof the Wadi Raiyan.

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judges holding that the whole mischief which the Act was

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Certain regulations for candidates for diplomas in Public

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those of the kidney. Diabetes insipidus is chronic and harm

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certain than the prejudicial influence of organically impure

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communication from the Home Secretary announcing that

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Oldham and Leeds show a low ncer mortality while Wor

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ignorant of hospital matters should rashly conclude that

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which must be subsequent to the Intermediate Examination

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Faulkner Northern Bengal Mounted Rifles Honorary Surgeon

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medical men who have adopted it as a speciality or if

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ia which I have removed the uterine appendages for fibroma

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grips and splints and an ebstetrie binder and general wide

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Cornil. Babes and myself have shown that the tuberculisa

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rently to the fostering and the fatality of diphtheria. In

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lation of sewers had thus been instituted. In August 1893

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means of communicating cholera from person to person.

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least one form of epilepsy depends on errors of refraction

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treatment. Every form of bath has been suggested and hy

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added botli to the nitrogen and to thephosphatesof water. He

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operations to relieve brain pressure and to some cases of

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Agreement. Irritability and tendency to emotional display weak

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their trial must be painfully aware of all that is taking place

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itis but without apparently affecting the health of the ani

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Dr. Thomson enters in much detail into this part of the

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from the plant the necessary hydrocarbons and supplied it with

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That tightness of the clothing plays a part in the production

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