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the principal amendments of the public health law in
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arrangements need attention as it is nothing short of a dis
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tend to curtail the area of the playgrounds and after all the real
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quate certification the only country in Europe in which an
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volved. Perhaps it is owing to the preponderance of
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not be offered and that was a heartier welcome than
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be backed up by the sound basis of public opinion. He was
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The Committee hoped that the no less important subject of
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but more violently some hours afterwards. Moreover any
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England has of course to day a very excellent safeguard in
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not been previously mentioned was not open for consideration. The
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Enccphalon 19 amp VUncnrpinc in Ei e Affections IBIS Con
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and other changes following upon thrombosis of veins and
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quently found to omentum and bowel. These have to be
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pitals in London and at some of them both general and
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puncture and evacuation by trocar the trocar opening gradually
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unwelcome zeal on the part of their professional advisers.
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Miss McCall at the Clapham Maternity lias had under her
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non systemic of the spinal cord railway spine for instance
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he and others could point to specimens of unruptured gestation cor
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crossed paralysis the phenomena of plug in the lateral sinus
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ENGLAND would seem not to be the only country in which allCKations are
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apparatus was shown in seven distinct forms. The thermo
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small part of the Poor law question on which sooner
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of from the standpoint of the malaria organism of I voran. Chevers
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is responsible for him. Fortunately he accepted the situa
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populous centres an attempt to control tlie spread of dipli
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oUier action but applied more gently and more wisely. A
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lished by Mr. Shattock in his.Alorton L cture and a detailed

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