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May 17, 2012 in School

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“I’m paying my children’s school fees, why should I be paying any more?” This is a question often reiterated when parents start to look towards further educating their child with private tuition.

But at a time when the government is looking to increase the size of infant classrooms to 32 – the average classroom size for any age being amongst the largest in a developed nation – and an increase in demand for top university placements, it is now more important than ever to look outside the classroom to give your child a well rounded education that can set them up for life.

Private tuition can mean that your child will be able to excel in a classroom where they would otherwise be lost. Children attending school within the capital are particularly vulnerable to missing out on a decent education with part of the teaching work force coming from overseas on a two year working holiday visa. An increasing transient and migrant population can also disrupt a classroom, with teachers having to spend more time catching those children up on the course work.

A child who feels like the school work is not challenging enough will become disengaged, not meet their full potential and develop bad and lazy habits. Likewise, an average or mediocre child can also flounder because of a lack of attention from a teacher who is already struggling to deal with more problematic children. This can not only damage the education that they are receiving, but also create disruptive behaviour.

If you’re considering for the first time whether private tuition is right for you and your child take a look at their school work. Note whether there has been any improvement and if it has been challenging enough. Start a dialogue early on with your child to see what they enjoy about school and what subjects they struggle with. You’ll need your child to be on board with the decision making process for them to be actively engaged in improving their education - after all, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!

Set goals and rewards with your child and their tutor to help keep them engaged in afterschool education. For smaller goals, like a particularly good grade or mark, give them a day or even a week off chores or for a bigger goal being achieved take the family on an outing of your child’s choice. Make sure the goals you do set are realistic and achievable. If a goal is set too high your child might feel overwhelmed and this may lead to anxiety and unnecessary stress.

Unless you want your child’s work to end up on pay attention to their education now before it’s too late!

Simply Learning Tuition is a private tutoring in London that provides expert private tutors and educational consultancy.

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