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common practice is to apply one smaller than the actual contour
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the door stepped out and fell dead in the yard. Not a
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cirrhosis. Neither was firm enough to argue his belief.
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despondent. His general health had rapidly deteriorated
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As the abscess advances towards the skin but before it actually reaches
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lodges in the space between shoe and sole serious injury is
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small. At first glance the mortality 23 deaths out of
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the city were at half inast at his death and the whole
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speaks well for its worth. It is a book which every sur
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provided no family history of tuberculosis clouds it. It
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flail like for the capsule is elongated. In other cases spontaneous
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lungs become compressed and the abdominal viscera are pushed down
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common to all stomach affections as others whether singly or in combina
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adhesions have formed between the iris and lens capsule which obstruct
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ly done it protects against smallpox for a lifetime and is
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been struck in the eye with a grain of rice which had been
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the colt s mouth between the age of two and five years.
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sterility is a secondary matter. For endometritis a thorough curettage is
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lies among the superficial layers of the cord and in its outer segment.
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attachments of the tendons. Ligaments and fasciae near the joint are liable
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be considerable reason to suppose that it is quite as ac
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sively. The heels became drawn upward and the boy was
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prompt isolation of all those who may have been infected and revaccinating
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ammonia or vinegar are useful in reducing the febrile state and conducing
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and the question arises was the synostosis the cause of the
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But the same uneasiness soon returns increasing in severity
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fibroids. In all others a high supravaginal operation is
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admit the index finger it contained pouched recesses and at its junction
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ton Indiana where he assumed the pastorate of a Bap

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