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not by any means a consensus of opinion among the medical

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unpolluted water the free ammonia was 0.0021 and the albu

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sharpness to the lower lid so that its convexity is seen.

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with this side of Toor law problems. The deputation was almost

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year at Innsbrack on August i. 4th to iSth. Among the ad

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bridge Edinburgh and Dublin systematic instruction is

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that the results of operative treatment of tuberculous joint

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to be poison within the meaning of the. Vet. Although this

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was also introduced into tlie sewer at B and it travelled

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curred moreover in March last in the town and no intima

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any addition of alcohol. These results are quite in accord

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its efficacy I could quote liundreds and hundreds of cases

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ments oi cattle is a means of cstablisbine serious ailments. Perhaps

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TrRNER Aldren M.D. The Central Connections of Certain Cranial

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matter of dry air also to carry micro organisms. This last

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rise out of the manholes situated there. Again when a

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enforce the law so that the inhabitants of the several places mentioned

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the inhabHants of Hamburg and Altona neither could the

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character as regards their administration and efficiency but

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London Dr. J. Rowatt llighworth Royal College of Physicians

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other porous subsoil that is does it occur more frequently in damp

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floor because the man must be clothed if he has to go down

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fit for anything else it is the honour and the function of a

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about either because they cannot afford the time to rest or

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metic and Alfitbra As far as simple equations inclusive.

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commit them to accept the clauses then a furtlier resolution

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contribution to the discussion of the question and must be frankly

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Ihe organic carbon and nitrogen of the oxygen consumed and

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Pharmacy as part jf the Third Examination. but he will not

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iNVEBSiON OF Uterus DUE TO FinnOMx Spoktaveocs Reintersion

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which have been raised against inhumation. In the modem

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the fact. All the Emperor s children have been vaccinated

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ing Thyroid Extract Bichromate of Potassium Stomacluc

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given that 1 remain in doubt as to their causative power.

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Lefevre was at first as he informed the deputation disposed

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more in surgery than in medicine. Consul Fraser says that the Euro

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complete was made of iron covered with leather and was

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hospital accommodation. The first hud an insufficient amount and the

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in the absence of the Argyll Robertson pupillaiy symptom of

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burgh and in GUsgow to Mr. Alexander Duncan 242 St.

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June 28tli was distinguished in medicine in science and

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Dr. Bancroft had been President of the eeusland Medical

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that in a large number of instances precautions have either

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Mb. E wexs spoke favourably of Scott s dressing. He had ob

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Septemjaer 2nd. The Archduke was accompanied by Dr.

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believe that the admission of visitors at irregular hours

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final examinations. Tlie pathological department has a good

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Assistant Surgeon and Teacher of Operative Surgery to the London Hos

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Dressings Amyl Nitris in glass capsules for angina pectoris

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Brigade Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel Peinglb remarked

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theriaj by Roux and Yersin but similar bodies to those

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grade the step of promotion and pension might be given. It has been

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An owner of property has leased it to various persons who have

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much tenderness to the left of the umbilicus. Tympanites

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former epidemic. But passing this by in the meantime let

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their market value has to to be given in compensation for

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but has to admit that there is not suflBcient evidence to show

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Bional occurrence of endocarditis and perhaps of myo

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There was a troublfSi me cough but no expectoration. Tem

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lutely negative all the preceding portion of the Act including

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the throat. This case occurred during an epidemic assigned in

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aealt with in the disease. The rise is sudden and the chief

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able in taking payment for any proper and elhcient services.

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Rifle Corps Honorary Surgeon J. S. Brooke East Indian Railway

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