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temporary hospital but to empty it as quickly as possible

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adopted the French litre in preference to the German Mohr s

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in its influence upon the profession. That was a fair indica

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doctrines of germs and with hospital theories of antiseptic

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extended to provincial health officers by the next Public

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able difficulty in securing the pedicle and could only do so

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to the relative strength of character of the two individuals

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and had to be withdrawn by catheter. It was decided to try

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uterus or its appendages and the tumour. In diagnosis pregnancy was

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safely. The directors of cemeteries might erect crema

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Empire and those of other parts of the world. He was sure

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been adopted I might either have defended myself and the

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hospitals of from 200 to l.OOO.beds and to these are attached

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Journal on the cruel shortcomings of a large proportion of

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Benson Miss Annette appointed Firit Physician to the Kama Hospital

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her niece Lady Jenkinson awaited the ladies on the Terrace.

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connective tissue by the destruction of the tuberculous

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thermatrim monterrey

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said he was very glad to observe that the investigationsof

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is evident that no such marked and immediate benefit resulted as may

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volts and 2 amperes of current or from an accumulator

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who have the requisite means. Further he says God de

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In reply to your communication respecting the appoint

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Second Kraminntinn in Medicine. Candidates must have

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